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The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawai'i works with the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) to advocate on behalf of future, current and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

NPCA is Advocating for YOU!

NPCA advocates for and contributes to the continued improvement and expansion of the Peace Corps. The suspension of Volunteer programs means we will be particularly attentive to Peace Corps' sustained funding and pending legislation. 

Redeployment: Redeploy Peace Corps Volunteers to the field as soon as possible. Prioritize positions for 2020 evacuees who wish to complete their service.

Reform: Strengthen physical and mental health care support prior, during, and after service. Strengthen commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Remove economic barriers to service.

Response: Provide opportunities for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) to participate in national efforts to combat the global pandemic.

Resources: After years of stagnant funding, appropriations for the Peace Corps must begin to grow steadily, to achieve its renewed mission while sending Volunteers back out to every corner of the world.


Advocacy 2022 Updates

  Hawaii-Alaska Advocacy Hour April 20, 2022

  RECORDING: Here is the recording from the April 20th program that you can rewatch, or share with others (runs 1 hr. 11 mins)

 2022 AK:HI Advocacy Hour.mp4

  1. Our Top Priority: Pass the Peace Corps Reauthorization Act This Year:  We await the introduction of this legislation in the Senate. When that happens, we want to mobilize in a big way with thousands of messages to Senators, meetings with Senate offices in every state, social or traditional media to build support for the legislation, and more! In the House, legislation (H.R. 1456) appears on the way to the House floor for a unanimous consent vote in the coming weeks. If your Rep is not yet a co-sponsor, you can still encourage them to do so.
  2. Peace Corps Funding: Any day now, we may receive word that the annual Peace Corps Funding letter is circulating in the Senate.  Be ready to respond and ask others to do the same, as we will only have a week to ten days to secure signatures. And, congratulations because with your help, 146 members of the House of Representatives signed the annual House Peace Corps funding letter (attached), requesting $450 million for the agency in the next fiscal year. You can check out the attached document to see if your Rep signed the letter, and then use this link to express your gratitude (or disappointment) with their decision.
  3. Media Work: Opportunities continue to submit op eds or letters to the editor, with ongoing topics ranging from the need to pass the Peace Corps Reauthorization Act, to the growing number of news stories about Peace Corps Volunteers returning to service overseas. Contact us if you are planning or pursuing a media action. And, you can join the monthly gathering of the RPCVs for Environmental Action, which comes together to promote and carry out letter-to-the-editor initiatives (Next gathering is Tuesday, May 10th)
  4. Lead, Lead, Lead!  While Peace Corps founder Sargent Shriver called upon our community to "Serve, Serve, Serve!", we ask in the coming months that you "Lead, Lead, Lead!" Contact us if you can take the lead on organizing meetings with your members of Congress. Consider joining our incredible group of state/regional advocacy coordinators. And, you are the best ambassadors to encourage other RPCVs to get involved. Contact us at to help.
  5. Thank you! At this exciting, yet tenuous time for the Peace Corps, your voice is necessary for the strongest, best possible Peace Corps for the next generation.


BIG ISLAND PAPERS: Hawaii Tribune Herald (HILO) -  and West Hawaii Today (KONA)

Hawaii Tribune-Herald welcomes and encourages letters from readers.

How to submit letters to the editor



How to submit letters to the editor



How to submit letters to the editor


OAHU NEWSPAPER:  the Star Advertiser

How to submit letters to the editor

Check out RPCVHI's President Caroline Mackenzie's 2021 Star Advertiser opinion letter!



Email your representatives and remind them that
the Peace Corps is a smart investment!


U.S. Senator Brian Schatz

U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono

Congressman Ed Case

Congressman Kai Kahele