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Annual Meeting and Board Elections

RPCVHI Annual Meeting and Board Elections 2022

Annual Meeting Information

RPCVHI's bylaws require an annual meeting.  In 2022, the annual meeting will be a virtual meeting as Covid- 19 restrictions are still in place for large group gatherings.  The meeting will take place, Friday, March 4, 2022, 5:30 - 7 p.m. via Zoom link.

At the Annual meeting, the secretary will present the 2021 13th Annual Meeting minutes for review and approval at this meeting.  The president will give the annual report on membership and activities during the past year.  The Treasurer will present the current financial statement and also present the 2022 RPCVHI Budget to be approved by the membership at the meeting.  


2021 13th Annual Meeting Minutes draft were reviewed and approved at the 14th annual meeting in 2022, as was the 2022 RPCVHI Budget.


The election slate for board members for 2022.  All were elected at March 4, 2022 annual meeting.

  • Alan Kusunoki, RPCV Afghanistan,  Vice President
  • Alexander Gates, RPCV Thailand, Director-at-large, Events
  • Artem Sergeyev, RPCV Macedonia, Director-at-large, Advocacy
  • Brendan Fitzgibbons, RPCV Cape Verde and Mozambique, Director-at-large, Webmaster
  • Caroline L. Mackenzie, RPCV Ukraine, President, Treasurer/Membership
  • Hali Robinett, RPCV Marshall Islands,  Director-at-large, Advocacy
  • Mary Santa Maria, RPCV Costa Rica and Equador, Director-at-large, Advocacy
  • Willis Moore, RPCV Bolivia, Secretary
  • Kamaka Dias,  RPCV Madagascar - PC Campus Recruiter, UH-Manoa Campus (shared board position)
  • Katrina Estrada, RPCV - PC Campus Recruiter, UH-Manoa Campus (shared board position)


2021 Annual Meeting Information and RPCVHI Documents

In 2021, we had a most excellent annual meeting with 36 RPCVs attending via Zoom. At the annual meeting, members voted for new RPCVHI Board members. 

Congratulations to the board members for 2021:

  • Alan Kusunoki, RPCV Afghanistan 1970-72- Vice President
  • Alexander Gates, RPCV Thailand 2010-2012 - Director-at-large, Events
  • Angus Kelly, RPCV Mauritania, Secretary
  • Artem Sergeyev, RPCV Macedonia, Director-at-large, Advocacy and Website
  • Caroline L. Mackenzie, RPCV Ukraine 2010-12, President, Treasurer/Membership
  • Hali Robinett, RPCV Marshall Islands - Director, Advocacy
  • Stephanie Sang, RPCV Madagascar - Director, PC Campus Recruiter, UH-Manoa Campus

The reports below were presented and approved at the Annual 2021 Meeting. Click on the document to open for review: