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PC History in Hawaii

Training in Hilo 1962-1971


Mahalo to Greg Knudsen, RPCV Chuuk, FSM 74-76, for sending the information about the television series "Bring the World Home."

RPCV-Hawaii produced an excellent series of half-hour (30 minute) interview programs about individual volunteers and their service experience called “Bring the World Home.” Most are still posted in an almost forgotten corner of YouTube.

There are about 72 episodes in the YouTube collection.  A few examples of service countries: Vanuatu, Tonga, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Greg's country; Chuuk.  

Check out all the videos from the "Bring the World Home" series.

  • Olsen: HILO Welcome to PC Training Ctr

  • Hilo Old Hospital training center

  • Hilo Training Arak Hotel

    Arak Hotel

  • Hilo Training: Fiji_Molokai

  • Hilo: Waipio Valley view

    Waipio Beach and Valley view

  • Hilo Bridge crossing

    Crossing a bridge

  • Olsen: Waipio training Yak riding training

    Caribou riding training in Waipio Valley training site.

  • Hilo Training: Cutting Coconuts

    Cutting Coconuts

  • Hilo Training_ Lobster Dinner

    Lobster Dinner

  • Hilo: Survival Training

    Survival Training

  • Hilo Training: Horseback riding

  • Hilo: JFK Plaque reinstalled


YouTube Video about Early PC Training in Hawaii.  Enjoy!