PC History in Hawaii

Training in Hilo 1962-1971

  • HILO Welcome to PC Training Ctr

  • Hilo Old Hospital training center

  • Hilo Training Arak Hotel

    Arak Hotel

  • Hilo Training: Fiji_Molokai

  • Hilo: Waipio Valley view

    Waipio Beach and Valley view

  • Hilo Bridge crossing

    Crossing a bridge

  • Hilo: Waipio Yak riding training

    Yak riding training

  • Hilo Training: Cutting Coconuts

    Cutting Coconuts

  • Hilo Training_ Lobster Dinner

    Lobster Dinner

  • Hilo: Survival Training

    Survival Training

  • Hilo Training: Horseback riding

  • Hilo: JFK Plaque reinstalled


YouTube Video about Early PC Training in Hawaii.  Enjoy!