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RPCVHI Board Job Descriptions

RPCVHI Board Job Descriptions

The RPCVHI organization is always seeking RPCVs who are interested in serving as Board members. Thanks to many dedicated RPCVs over the years, the RPCVHI organization has thrived and served the MANY RPCVs who live in the State of Hawaii.

Information about the RPCVHI Board can be found in the RPCVHI bylaws


As of August 31, 2021, the RPCVHI board is actively seeking interested RPCVs in Hawai'i who might like to serve as a Board Member.  We currently have five (5) Board members; we can have up to four (4) more board members.  The Board needs someone who is interested in being a Secretary.  We would enjoy having a board members who would be interested in the Treasurer position, the Membership chair position and the Webmaster position.   Listed below are job descriptions for each of the Board "jobs".

Mahalo for your interest in RPCVHI.

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RPCVHI President job description 2021

RPCVHI Vice President job description 2021

RPCVHI Treasurer job description 2021

RPCVHI Membership Chair job description 2021

RPCVHI Secretary job description 2021

RPCVHI At-Large Board Member job description 2021

(At-large Board members jobs:  Advocacy, Events/Activities, Fundraising, Website management)