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RPCVHI - What do we do?

Volunteer Activities with DLNR

RPCVHI Community Activities

RPCVHI supports the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources' efforts to clean and improve native plant species at two marshes on the Windward Side:  Kawainui Marsh and Hamakua Marsh.   We join with local organizations for beach cleanups during Earth Day events and fundraising events. 

RPCVHI members participate in the Martin Luther King National Day of Service by joining with other volunteer organizations to Oahu's North Shore beaches.

RPCVHI members have partnered with local Rotary organizations as part of the Peace Corps/Rotary Partnership for Peace national program.  In 2022, Hilo Rotary members and RPCVs installed a Peace Pole at the Hilo airport.  On Oahu, RPCVs have helped to clean up a small, Ukrainian Orthodox church, which will become a center for the Ukrainian community on Oahu.

RPCVHI members participate in the  Annual Speech Festival at Moanalua High School on Oahu.  Moanalua High School has the largest second language program in Oahu and RPCVs were invited to share their use of a second language in their volunteer work overseas.  RPCVs participate as judges for students; in 2022, 3 RPCVs were judges for French language students.

  • 2022 Ukrainian church clean up - rugs

    Cleaning the rugs.....

  • 2023_April Speech Festival Moanalua HS

  • 2022 peace Pole Hilo 01

    Rotary/PC Partnership Hilo Peace Pole Installation

  • 2023_April Speech Festival Moanalua HS

  • 2022 Help Clean Ukrainian Church Oahu

    Cleaning up planter in front of church

  • Activity 2022: Restoration Work North Ponds

  • Blue Angels Pau Hana

  • RPCVHI Kauai 2023

    RPCVs on Kauai

  • 2022_0814 Blue Angels Flyover during Pau Hana

  • Ukrainian Church - Waianae

    Ukrainian Church, St. Sophia, in Waianae.  Site of community clean up.

  • RPCVHI and Campus recruiters

  • RPCVHI Talk Story April 2023

  • Partners in Peace Earth Day 02

  • Partners in Peace Earth Day 2023

  • Earth Day 2023 Waimanalo clean up

  • Ho'okua'aina Service project 01

  • Ho'oku'aina Service project 03

  • Hookuaaina Service project 04

  • Panorama Hookuaaina site

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